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Emergency First Aid for Your Dog - Handbook

Emergency First Aid for Your Dog - Handbook


Don't wait for a dog first aid emergency--be prepared. Emergency First Aid for Your Dog Handbook is a concise, handy reference that features life-saving, step-by-step instructions for virtually all dog first aid emergencies. It includes instruction for CPR, bleeding control, bite wounds, seizures, poisonings, choking, being hit by a car, shock and much more. This dog first aid book even includes prevention techniques, and of course there is instruction for making your own dog first aid kit. (Note that commercial dog first aid kits typically include inadequate first aid instruction, and many dog first aid kits are incomplete. Learn how to put together your own dog first aid kit--cheaper and better.) Buying this book and making your own dog first aid kit may be the most important thing you ever do for your pet.

Technical Specifications: 112 pages, 7 illustrations, 91 chapters/listings in 4 parts. Softcover.

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