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Flowers & Plants

Welcome to our flower gallery.

The photos in the Flowers and Plants Gallery were taken in North and Central America and in Africa. Although the purpose of my travels is generally to do wildlife photography, I found that often I would see a beautiful bloom or unusual plant, and I'd take a picture. Eventually, I found that I had taken quite a variety of flower photographs, enough to put together this flower and plant gallery. Some of the most unusual flowers and plants in the gallery are from remote locations (e.g., the 400-year-old bug-infested plants from the desert of Namibia), but some of the most beautiful are close to home (the magnolia bloom and the poppies). I hope you enjoy your visit.

Thank you.

Flowers & Plants

©2001-2008 Stanford Apseloff, All Rights Reserved.
These photos may not be used or reproduced without the express written consent of Stanford Apseloff.

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