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Welcome to our lemurs gallery.

All of these lemur photographs were taken in the wild in Madagascar. The white ones with black faces and brown on top are sifaka lemurs, and the ones with rings on their tails are called ring-tailed lemurs. In the "Other" category, the grayish lemur with the big eyes I believe is called a lepilemur. They are nocturnal. The brown lemur with a stripe down the middle of its face, I am told, is called a brown lemur, though I have also seen it referred to as a eulemur.

The lemurs that I encountered generally allowed me to approach at a reasonable distance, so long as I moved slowly and quietly. The ring-tailed lemurs walked in the manner that you would expect--on all fours like a dog or cat. The sifaka lemurs, however, moved in a dance-like motion, hopping sideways on two legs, and then sitting in a crouched position, and then dancing forward again.

Thank you.

Ring-Tailed Lemurs Sifaka Lemurs Other/Mixed Lemurs

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