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Never mind the bees; we have spiders, flies, ladybugs and butterflies! Game 1 is a spelling game with a hungry caterpillar that you help turn into a stylish butterfly. Game 2 is a vocabulary game with celebrating spiders, complete with party hats and confetti. This is wacky fun that makes spelling and vocabulary as easy as it gets. With thousands of words and definitions ranging from the most basic to the most obscure, both you and your children will love this CD. Play in English or Spanish. Ages 5 to adult. Windows® and Macintosh® compatible.

Have fun practicing your spelling and vocabulary!
Meet a menagerie of insect friends!
Tons of words -- from "cat" to "crepuscule"!
This game will drive you "buggy"!
Festive spiders, hungry caterpillars, colorful flies, and a helpful ladybug!
Keep and save tracking information!
Runs on Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems.

Easily playable in both English and Spanish from the same CD!


Choose from two zany games!


Feed the hungry caterpillar!


Party with spelling spiders!


Tracking and manuals in both languages included!


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