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THE MAMMOTH FOOD DIG Join the esteemed Professor Eggword on his archaeological expedition, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about food and nutrition, plus mathematical calculations and unit conversions. This is nutrition fun for all ages, plus, if you accept the challenge, a healthy dose of practical mathematics. We’ve never made a game quite like this one, and we know you will enjoy it!

* Learn everything you ever wanted to know about food and nutrition!
* Challenge yourself with mathematical calculations and unit conversions!
* Learn a surprising amount about the foods you eat!
* Astonish your friends with your nutrition knowledge!
* Improve your knowledge of Calories, fat, vitamins, minerals, and much more!
* Have fun with Professor Eggword!
* Save or print your progress to see how well you've done!
* English and Spanish versions on 1 CD-ROM!
* Windows® and Macintosh® compatible!

Help Professor Eggword uncover the secrets of nutrition! By answering questions you can help to uncover the lost secrets of nutrition! main screen

As you uncover the secrets of nutrition, you will be rewarded with the hidden treasures of the nutrition temple! reward

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