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Engage in a battle of wits with the mystical Spelling Dragon. Choose a knight (boy or girl) to represent you in your quest for knowledge, then venture into the dragon's lair. With thousands of words, this game is guaranteed to entertain and educate beyond your expectations. This unique spelling game doubles as a language game because it can be played in English or Spanish, and a clue for each spelling/vocabulary word is given in the other language! As a free bonus, this CD also contains our Teacher's Edition features, including a teacher's guideline plus automatic tracking to record your child's learning. This is spelling and vocabulary fun for everyone, ages 5 to adult.

Spell words in order to cross the dragon's perilous path!
Race against the clock for pulse-pounding action!
Choose from two gallant knights!
Play in Spanish or English!
Explore 10 treacherous lairs!
15 levels of difficulty!
Amass hoardes of dragon treasure in your virtual treasury!
Save your high scores!
Runs on Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems!

Fully playable in English and Spanish!

Thousands of words to spell!

Choose your character!

10 lairs to explore!

Collect treasure with friends!

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