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THE BLIT RESCUE AND TRACKING SQUAD That crazy Blit is in trouble again, and he needs your help. Our friend Blit loves to skate and rollerblade. But he just can't keep from crashing, and when he does he goes right into the cage. You can help him, though. As a member of the Blit Rescue and Tracking Squad, you search the world for keys to get him out. When you find enough keys, Blit is free to skate again! You'll want to spend countless hours learning all sorts of useful facts about all the countries of the world. Choose your difficulty, choose your continent, and set Blit FREE! Are you up to the globe-hopping challenge of GeoRunner?

* Play along with encouraging characters. GO BLIT GO!
* Have fun learning the locations of countries, capitals and landmarks
* See entertaining animations that keep the fun coming
* Discover information on every country in the world
* Join the Blit Rescue and Tracking Squad and set Blit free
* Hear proper pronunciations of countries, capitals and landmarks
* Jump into high-flying aerial action
* World geography education for ages 3 to adult
* Runs on Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems.

Sign on and help Blit skate free and clear. As a pilot in the Blit Rescue and Tracking Squad, it's your job to find the keys that will set Blit free. Whether you are a geography ace or just starting to learn your way around the world, GeoRunner will challenge and educate you. Do you have what it takes to find the hidden keys that will set Blit free?
Select where you want to search from seven geographical areas of the word. Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim and even the seas and oceans hold the keys to Blit's freedom. Once you've chosen your locale for searching, the hunt is on. Will Blit escape to skate again? Only you can set Blit free.
Once you've chosen your mission, it's time for the search to begin. Listen for the clue to tell you where the key is located. Younger players don't need to know the atlas cover to cover; they can simply look for the big gold key. More savvy players can comb the map looking for the designated area by name. The most veteran players can play by flying over a blank map. Countries too easy? Try finding hidden keys by relying only on the name of the capital city to guide your search. Still too easy? How about finding a country based only on a landmark? No matter what your age, GeoRunner will challenge and educate for hours on end.
Once you've found all the keys, Blit is free to rollerblade and skate to his heart's content. If he were more careful, your job would be over. But leave it to Blit to find himself back in the cage waiting for help from the likes of you. Are you up to the challege?
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