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World Record Pull Ups by Stan Apseloff

Recorded 14 August 2009

61 pull ups in a minute

At the age of fifty I set my third world record in pull ups, shown above--61 in one minute. That's a pace of better than one per second. Six days after the video above was recorded, I broke the record again by doing 62 pull ups in one minute--click here so see that video.

Pull ups records for one minute are recorded in two categories: (1) with leg movements permitted, and (2) with no leg movements permitted. My records are in the first category--that's the way I've always done pull ups. To me, doing them without moving my legs is like running without moving my arms.

People ask how I can do so many pull ups at the age of fifty. I do that by simply staying in shape. I don't use any performance enhancing drugs, not even caffeine. The only supplement I use is a daily multivitamin that frequently I neglect to take. The key to breaking world records in pull ups is optimizing diet and exercise to maximize strength. I've learned much over the years about how to do this, and that knowledge is one advantage of being older.

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