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World Record Pull Ups by Stan Apseloff

Recorded 20 August 2009

62 pull ups in a minute

At age 50, I'm still getting stronger. This is my second world record in six days--the first one was 61 pull ups in one minute, and this one is 62. I actually did 63 pull ups, but the last one was completed after the 60-second mark.

Pull ups records for one minute are recorded in two categories: (1) with leg movements permitted, and (2) with no leg movements permitted. My records are in the first category--that's the way I've always done pull ups. To me, doing them without moving my legs is like running without moving my arms.

People ask how I can do so many pull ups at the age of fifty. I do that by simply staying in shape. I don't use any performance enhancing drugs, not even caffeine. The only supplement I use is a daily multivitamin that frequently I neglect to take. Over time, I have learned much about nutrition and exercise, and the mental component of athletic performance--perhaps that's one advantage of being older.

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