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American Birds: Florida's Best
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American Birds: Florida's Best features stunning bird photography set to the very best classical music—Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Mendelsohn, and Tchaikovsky. The combination is simultaneously relaxing, inspiring, and uplifting. The scenery is magnificent—everything from crashing surf and pristine beaches to dazzling reflections in calm ocean bays. Flocks of shorebirds plus egrets, herons, and roseate spoonbills in flight capture the light at just the right angle to show off colors and details so fine you can see feathers and water droplets with perfect clarity. You'll also see the best of backyard birds, everything from a perfectly posed cardinal to brilliant painted buntings. Each of the 212 images is suitable for fine-art framing, but they're actually better than that—all 212 have been individually optimized so that the television light boosts the images in a way that cannot be achieved with any type of photographic paper. Most of the images have never been published until now. This DVD is perfect for just about anything—let it brighten your day or help you relax; use it as background entertainment; add sophistication to any room or event; brighten any occasion.

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