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Backyard Birds Book
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Backyard Birds: Looking Through the Glass What makes this book different from other backyard bird books is that every photograph was taken from inside the photographer's house, looking through closed windows into the yard. This book contains 125 color photos of birds visiting during all four seasons to this one suburban Midwestern home. The superb photography is combined with insightful tips for attracting, watching, and photographing birds, and it's loaded with interesting and often surprising facts about our backyard friends. You'll be amazed what you can see in a typical backyard, just by looking. This book will open your eyes to the beauty of nature that surrounds us. This 126 page, softcover book has been meticulously crafted to the finest standards using 100 pound gloss paper and stochastic printing to reveal the finest details. Each 5.5" x 8.5" copy is hand-signed by the award-winning photographer/author, Glen Apseloff, and is proudly made in the USA. The moment you see it, I guarantee you'll be pleased.

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