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Exotic Africa DVD
Subject: DVDs

Why is this product so special?—There's simply nothing like it in terms of quality, versatility, and universal appeal. Exotic Africa combines truly amazing photographs of African wildlife, nature, and birds, accompanied by the very best in classical music. There are 242 stunning images, set to what is arguably the best of Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Chopin, and Vivaldi. The music is simultaneously relaxing, inspiring, and uplifting, and the photos are all captivating, beautiful, and serene. Each of the 242 images is better than what you get with framed, photographic artwork—all 242 have been individually optimized so that the television light boosts the images in a way that cannot be achieved with any type of photographic paper. You will be impressed. This DVD is perfect for just about anything—let it brighten your day or help you relax; use it as background entertainment; add sophistication to any room or event; brighten any occasion. It's a pleasant diversion while performing any chores, and some studies show that classical music helps with focus and concentration. It's the perfect mood enhancement for both casual and formal entertaining. And it's perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day. Everyone in my family loves this product, including my 2-year-old son who wakes up in the morning and, before anything else, asks to watch this DVD.

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