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11. Legal Forms and Guide – How to view/print forms

To use or print the forms that come with the Legal Forms and Guide CD, put the CD in the CD-ROM drive, click on "(My) Computer" on your desktop or in the Start menu, right-click on the CD player icon labeled "Legal," and then choose "Explore." Open the "Legal Forms" folder by double-clicking on it, and then open any folder - here you will find the forms you need. These will open full screen, and you can save them on your computer.

Legal Forms and Guide for Mac Users

Legal Forms and Guides is supposed to be compatible with Windows only, but most of the important features are also available to Mac users. The installer will not install the program on a Macintosh operating system, but the files are available just the same. There is a PDF file that has extensive information, some audio links with additional information, and the legal forms themselves are available in rich text format (.RTF) to open, edit and save on your computer.

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