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14. Magician’s Secrets: Cards & Close-Ups Jumping Rubber Band Trick

When you try to play the explanation for the "Jumping Rubber Band Trick," if an error message pops up, you'll find that by hitting "Continue" the video will play...but it is the wrong explanation!

The solution to this problem is to locate the "TRIC217E.MOV" file on the CD-ROM using the following steps:

To Play the Explanation for the "Jumping Rubber Band Trick":

  1. Insert the Close-Ups CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Double-click on the "(My) Computer" icon on your desktop.
  3. Double-click on your CD-ROM drive icon labeled "MAGIC2."
  4. Double-click on the "MAGIC2" folder.
  5. Double-click on the "TRIC217E(.mov)" file. (A QuickTime window will open.)
  6. Click on the play icon (>) to play the explanation.

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