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If you use Microsoft Outlook 2003 as your e-mail client, and you are having difficulty viewing your e-mail offers from Ohio Distinctive, please try the following options:

Microsoft Outlook 2003

E-mail appears as Plain Text:
  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook program, but not the Ohio Distinctive e-mail! Changes to your e-mail preferences must be made from the main program menu, not from within an open e-mail.
  2. Click on the "Tools" menu, and from the drop-down list choose "Options...."
  3. Stay within the "Preferences" tab, and click on the "E-mail Options" button.
  4. Under the section titled "Message Handling," remove any check mark next to "Read all standard mail in plain text" or "Read all digitally signed mail in plain text."
  5. Click "Ok" and then completely close Microsoft Outlook.
  6. Re-open Microsoft Outlook, and view your Ohio Distinctive e-mail again.

Microsoft Outlook 2003

E-mail text appears correctly, but without pictures:
  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook program and then open your Ohio Distinctive e-mail.
  2. If the pictures in the e-mail do not appear, Right-click on one of the red " X " picture placeholders within the e-mail, and select "Change Automatic Download Settings...."
  3. From the "Automatic Picture Download Settings" window, put a check mark next to "Permit downloads in e-mail messages from senders and to recipients defined in the Safe Senders and Safe Recipients Lists used by the Junk E-mail filter."
  4. Click "Ok."
  5. Close the open Ohio Distinctive e-mail.
  6. From the main Microsoft Outlook screen, click on the "Tools" menu, and then select "Options."
  7. Stay within the "Preferences" tab, then under the "E-mail" section, click on "Junk E-mail."
  8. Click on the "Safe Senders" tab.
  9. Click the "Add" button, then enter the Ohio Distinctive e-mail address:
  10. Click "Ok" and then click "Ok" in the "Options" window.
  11. Completely close Microsoft Outlook.
  12. Re-open Microsoft Outlook and view your Ohio Distinctive e-mail again.

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